Reprofit Baskets

We give a new life to food by putting on sale some baskets of fruits and vegetables that want to have a second life. Top quality products

Projecte Reprofit

Reprofit is a project that was born from the hand of Fundació Formació i Treball together with Agència de Residus de Catalunya and Generalitat de Catalunya. It is expected that thanks to this collaboration, almost 7,000 kg of food that would have gone to landfill can be reused.

This project is part of the campaign “Som gent de profit” against food waste. Here you can find a series of tips, tools, recipes and activities that encourage the reuse of food.

In addition, we work to take care of the Planet and meet the Sustainable Development Goals. With these baskets we participated in four of them. Thanks to this project we can hire people at risk of social exclusion, being able to help them in their situation, working to fulfill the first, second and eighth SDGs -no poverty, zero hunger and decent work and economic growth-.

In addition, thanks to the reuse of these foods to which we give a new life, we fight to meet the twelfth SDG -responsible production and consumption

Get a Reprofit Basket!

With the purchase of Reprofit baskets you will be taking advantage of three kilos of fruit and vegetables. Each basket can vary depending on the season and product availability in order to reuse and give a second life to food.

The price of each basket is € 6.5 and payment is only online on the website.

Once your order is confirmed, we will set it up to prepare it and if you do it before 4pm you can come and pick it up the next day!

If you do this later, we will notify you by email to let you know when you can pick it up. Remember to check your spam and if you have not received a reply within 5 days, contact!

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