D'ins Residència Xior UPC - Diagonal Besòs


Located within the Xior Residence building of the Campus UPC Diagonal-Besòs, it’s a cafe-restaurant open to all publics with modern facilities and a large terrace. Both kitchen and bar and room staff are performing a formative or insertion route with the goal of being able to work, a path towards socio-labour inclusion.

The Menu Service is a buffet assisted by our staff, where you will find options suitable for everyone. Every day, a healthy home menu is drawn up with nearby products and working to prevent food waste.

Where to find us

D’ins Residència Xior UPC – Diagonal Besòs.

Open Monday to Sunday from 7:00 h to 23:00 h

Midday Bufet from 13:00 h to 15:30 h, 9.50 € (IVA included)

Night Bufet from 20:00 h to 22:00 h, 9.50 € (IVA included)

The menu includes bread and a drink (wàter, soft drink or glass of wine) 9,50€


Av/Eduard Maristany, 16 (Entrada per l’edifici C)

08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs

683188126, 933034100 ext. 7225, 616362822

Contacte: dinsescola@formacioitreball.org