Our circular model

We offer an inclusive, high-quality and environmentally responsible service to communities.

Creating training and job
opportunities for vulnerable people

Offering the highest quality service
thanks to our modern equipment and the professionalism and experience of our technical team

Working under careful management
of food waste and using biodegradable and compostable materials.

We develop solidarity projects to ensure that the most vulnerable groups of people have access to good food

Social Delivery

Food is our channel to reach the people who need it most. We want to play an active role in providing food to those people who need it and our priority is to do so in the most dignified way.


Provide lunch and dinner service 365 days of the year through D’ins centralized kitchens, which follow strict hygienic-sanitary regulations. Food is delivered to each center with individualized trays for each resident, duly protected and following COVID-19 safety measures.


Daily menus consist of an appetizer, main course, dessert and bread. Drinks are not included. Menus will be made with fresh, high-quality, local products, according to the season, and will be balanced and varied.


Food may be adapted to dietary needs and allergies, as well as for celiacs, vegetarians, halal, etc. Special holiday menus are also available.