Dins, the school-restaurant

At D’ins we work every day with a broad eye, we are close to people and society.


We’ve worked hard to create a school-restaurant committed to the personal and professional growth of our students.

We know that people bring very different personal realities to the learning process, and that’s why we have a comprehensive vision for training and accompanying our students.

Technical training through experimentation is linked to personal and relational training. We know that the skills of each professional profile are developed when students can evaluate themselves, relate to their environment and identify what they can do best.

Learning by doing. We train professionals in a real work environment, one of the  differentiating factors of D’ins. Our daily challenge is to offer the best professionalism with the highest quality of service. In this context of learning we bring students closer to their future jobs in the labor market — in a safe environment of support and mutual understanding. Make mistakes, improve every day, persevere and enjoy a job well done with a shared goal. That’s the meaning in everything we do.


With our educational and productive activities, our values are linked to those of the Fundació Formació i Treball. But, as a unique project, we also have our own values.

Our training is open to everyone. We also bring our customers and our students, who often live in different worlds of the same society, closer together.


We train people and prepare them with the best possible tools to make the leap to jobs that allow them to be independent and to advance in life.


D’ins’ daily activities are carried out with the philosophy of food reuse and preventing waste of resources; we make use of almost all of the food that we receive.


We look for opportunities for growth and innovation; we promote economic activity and develop new methodologies and didactic strategies for knowledge transfer.

Culture of work

We believe in transmitting this value, together with resilience, in our day-to-day, and we know that effort is only meaningful if it’s aimed at improving our well-being.


This is the essence of D’ins. We’re passionate about what we do: working with and for people. We advance projects, career paths and lives.


We promote confidence in others, open communication, responsibility for others and mutual support. It gives meaning to everything we do and is what makes it possible.


D'ins is a project headed by a multidisciplinary team

Our professionals come from different sectors and backgrounds and contribute their experience to enrich and innovate in each area. The key to our work is constant coordination.

IMG Equip - D'Ins Escola

The technical team

This team consists of people trained in the social sciences (pedagogy, psychology, social education) with experience in employment training and in the care and follow-up of priority social care groups. The team guides and accompanies students throughout the training, facilitating the integration of knowledge through guidance and cross-functional skills.

The teaching team

D’ins teachers come from very diverse hospitality and restaurant projects with very solid professional experience in the sector.

All have a double profile: an educational vision, which provides didactic methodologies to transmit technical knowledge, and a productive vision, which provides students with meaningful learning in a real restaurant context and makes productive execution possible.


Educational, Professional and Solidarity


We work with a very active and lively methodology, closely accompanying students and empowering their competencies, with particular emphasis on cross-functional skills. We believe in developing and perfecting comprehensively different profiles. D’ins training is a true career path in the catering and hospitality sector. A way to learn in a context that will make our students the professionals of tomorrow.


Our project has an eminently professional objective. We want our people to learn in a real professional/working environment and to be able to know first-hand how to deal with actual customers in a normal restaurant. We want to empower our workers to develop their skills and have a place to enhance them. In addition, we’re committed to helping students adapt to new labor market scenarios, where professional qualifications are increasingly a strategic factor and key to employability.


D’ins goes well beyond classrooms and ordinary restaurant services. As well as working with people at risk of social exclusion, we also develop different solidarity projects with the aim of covering such a basic need as food for people and families who need it most. Some examples are soup kitchens, scholarships in school cafeterias, and food delivery to families with limited financial resources.